How Long Do Hunt's Usually Last?

Most of our hunts typically last approximately 3-4 hours. However, it's important to keep in mind that the duration can vary based on factors such as the size of the gator, hunting conditions, and your personal preferences. In general, the larger the gator, the longer the fight, adding to the excitement of your adventure. Rest assured, our experienced guides will ensure you have a thrilling and safe hunting experience.

Is there an age limit for participants?

Not at all! We have no age limit. In fact, we love introducing kids to the great outdoors and believe it’s never too early to start fostering a love for hunting and nature.

Can I bring my family along for a hunt?

Spectators join at no extra charge. For those eager to hunt, the first hunter is free, and any additional hunters are welcomed at only $50 each.

How much does it cost to process the meat of the gator?

The cost for skinning and processing gators is $35 per foot. This includes the meticulous preparation of your gator meat, ensuring it’s ready for cooking and consumption.

Are you trying to figure out what to do with your Trophy Gator?

Alligator hunters treasure their catch in various ways. They often turn it into a delicious meal, with gator meat being a sought-after delicacy. Some craft unique items like belts, boots, or bags from the hide. Others may choose taxidermy to preserve and showcase their trophy. Each catch is not just a conquest but a source of pride and a story to tell, making it a deeply personal and rewarding experience.

Do you offer Taxidermy Services?

We work alongside a couple of amazing taxidermists who can handle a wide range of requests, ensuring your trophy is preserved just the way you want it. Prices for taxidermy services can vary depending on your preferences and the size of the gator. To give you a rough idea, head mounts typically cost around $450, and full-body mounts are approximately $250 per foot. Keep in mind that the final pricing will be determined by factors such as the size of the gator and the specific details of your taxidermy request.

Hunting Location

The specific hunt location is provided at the time of booking to ensure the best experience for our hunters. We look forward to having you join us!

Can I bring my own weapons for the hunt?

Absolutely! While we provide everything you need, you’re welcome to bring your own pistol, rifle, and other hunting equipment. If you want to engage in bow hunting, please note that you’ll need to bring your own bow. Feel free to use what you’re most comfortable with.

Is there flexibility in choosing the hunt time?

Absolutely! We understand that everyone’s schedule is different. Our calendar booking system allows you to select a hunt time that suits your preferences, giving you the flexibility to plan your adventure at your convenience with your chosen hunting gear, including bows.

What’s the recommended attire for the hunt?

This is an enjoyable hunt where camo clothing isn’t a must, but you’re welcome to wear it if you prefer. You don’t need anything special; just dress comfortably based on the weather conditions. Regular shoes are suitable, and we suggest bringing hats and sunglasses. 😎 


We provide the tag required for the hunt. Gator Hunters need to purchase an agent license, which is available over the phone and online 24/7. It’s a straightforward process and costs only $53. Please ensure you read this information thoroughly. Guests who are only observing and not actively participating in the hunt do not need this license.

Note: After receiving your booking confirmation, you will receive instructions on how to purchase your license. Deposits Are Non-Refundable. 

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