Iguana Hunting in Florida: Your Simple Guide

Can You Hunt Iguanas in Florida? A Simple Guide for Hunters

Can You Hunt Iguanas in Florida? A Simple Guide for Hunters

Florida, with its sunny skies and lush landscapes, is not just a paradise for vacationers; it's also a paradise for hunters. But what about iguana hunting? Can you do that in the Sunshine State? The answer is a resounding yes! In this guide, we'll break it down in simple terms, so you can understand the basics of iguana hunting in Florida.


The Green Iguana Invasion

First things first, why are we even talking about iguana hunting? Well, it turns out Florida has a bit of a "green iguana invasion" problem. These non-native reptiles are causing all sorts of trouble, and they've multiplied like, well, iguanas in the Florida sun.

No License, No Problem

Here's the cool part: you don't need a special hunting license to go iguana hunting in Florida. Nope, it's not like hunting deer or turkey. These iguanas are considered invasive, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission actually encourages people to help reduce their numbers.

Rules of the Game

Now, you can't just grab a shotgun and start blasting iguanas like a scene from an action movie. There are some rules. You can humanely hunt green iguanas year-round, and you don't need a hunting license or permit. You can do this on 25 public areas in South Florida, and you can also do it on private property - but only with the landowner's permission.

Hunting Invasive Species

But here's a tip: it's not about being a lone ranger. It's best to seek assistance from professional guides who do this for a living. That way, you're not just helping manage the iguana population; you're also learning the ropes from experts.

Green Iguanas on the Menu

Believe it or not, many people enjoy eating green iguanas! They say it tastes a bit like chicken, which is why they've earned the nickname "chicken of the trees." In some South and Central American countries, it's a cultural tradition to hunt iguanas and savor their nutritious meat. It's lean meat but packed with protein, even more than chicken. People cook it in various ways, like drying, roasting, boiling, on skewers, or deep frying.

Where to Go

Iguana hunting is predominantly in South Florida, especially in the tri-county area that includes Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. So, if you're ready for an adventure, especially in West Palm Beach, we invite you to book your iguana hunting expedition with Trophy Gator Hunts.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • If you’re going solo, it’s $250.
  • Want to bring your friends? A group hunt for up to 3 people is only $600 in total, saving you $150!
  • Got more pals who want to join? Extra participants (after the first 3) pay $150 each.

Please note: To secure your hunt, a 25% non-refundable deposit is necessary.

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