Who Won the 350 Alligator Tags on 'Swamp People' 2023?

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You Are Probably Reading This Because You Want to Know. Who Won the 350 Alligator Tags on 'Swamp People' 2023?

Venture into the captivating world of 'Swamp People,' the renowned History Channel series that immerses viewers in the exhilarating lives of alligator hunters. This show is a unique blend of competition and adventure, much like the creatures it revolves around.

In its 14th season, which premiered in 2023, 'Swamp People' took its audience on a thrilling journey through the Atchafalaya River Basin, a sprawling and untamed expanse located in south-central Louisiana. Encompassing a staggering 374,000 acres, this basin consists of cypress swamps, open water areas, fresh marshes, and bottomland hardwoods.

For approximately two intense months, the hunters tested their skills in this challenging environment, where every day brought new challenges and excitement. Season 14 offered a particularly coveted prize: 350 new alligator tags. These tags, typically issued for durations of five or ten years, are highly sought-after tickets in the world of Florida alligator hunting.

The Burning Question

If you're a dedicated follower of the series, you're undoubtedly familiar with Troy Landry, a Louisiana native and a legendary figure in the realm of alligator hunting. At 63 years old, he has devoted a lifetime to mastering the art of gator hunting.

Troy is renowned as one of the finest and most skilled alligator hunters in the region, consistently outshining his competitors. In Season 14, he formed a formidable team with the charismatic Pickle, and together, they made their mark on the competition by claiming the coveted 350 alligator tags.

While other formidable contestants like Ronnie Adams and Anthony Porkchop Williams put forth their best efforts, they couldn't quite reach the pinnacle of success. Jeromy Pruitt and David La Cart came tantalizingly close by securing the largest gator, but the clock ultimately ran out on their ambitious bid.

Troy's victory as the one who secured the 350 alligator tags comes as no surprise to those who have followed his incredible track record. His impressive tag collection serves as a testament to his unmatched expertise in the field of Florida alligator hunting.

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